Ammar Mian


  • Currently, I'm recursing at the Recurse Center. Previously: building an engineering team, studying computer science, freelance writing, teaching math, and making music.
  • I spend my time trying to understand systems and the effects they produce. Occasionally, I'll write to my email list about some of my findings. I'm mostly interested in what's been recently deemed "transpersonal psychology".
  • After a long break from social media, I'm giving Twitter another whirl. You can find me here.


  • Roaring Silence - Ngak'chang Rinpoche
  • Strangers to Ourselves - Timothy Wilson
  • Free+Style - Carlo Paoli
  • Man and His Symbols - Carl Jung

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  • Bookswell - Product Hunt- and reddit-featured book recs app
  • Survival Aesthetics - I learn things, then I email you about them
  • BLAGH! - Mini templating language that produces everything you see on this site!

Email: ammar dot x dot mian at gmail dot com